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Become a Resist-A-Ball® Instructor

All fitness professionals, including personal trainers and group ex instructors will benefit from learning creative techniques with the stability ball. Stability ball training has a wide array of benefits, including core strength, posture, balance, body awareness, flexibility and even cardiovascular fitness. The heart and soul of the Resist-A-Ball® program starts with Instructor Orientation.

When you become a Resist-A-Ball® instructor, you can share your passion for fitness while earning extra income. The Resist-A-Ball® Instructor Orientation is the most comprehensive workshop available for stability ball training. At this one-day workshop, you’ll learn to lead challenging and exciting classes or personal training sessions with one of the most dynamic, versatile pieces of fitness equipment available. No prior experience is required to attend this workshop, and you’ll come away with sample workouts and a certificate of completion showing that you are a qualified Resist-A-Ball® instructor.

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