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Resist-A-Ball® Instructor Orientation

Seven-Hour Orientation | Includes Resist-A-Ball® Instructor Manual
3 STAR Points | 3 Peak Pilates CECs | 6 AFAA | .7 ACE | $275

Learning to lead classes or personal training sessions with one of the most dynamic, versatile pieces of fitness equipment available begins with this comprehensive one-day orientation. Discover the wide array of benefits of stability ball training, including core strength, posture, balance, body awareness, flexibility and even cardiovascular fitness. You’ll learn to create exercise programs and sequences that add the element of play and challenging excitement for fitness enthusiasts of all levels. If you have ever wondered how to do more on the ball than just ab crunches, or if you want to expand your knowledge as a fitness professional, this course is for you. The Resist-A-Ball Instructor Orientation is the most comprehensive workshop available for stability ball training. It starts with the basics, such as ball sizing, inflating and neutral alignment on the ball. Plus, you’ll get hands-on training for dozens of exercises to strengthen and stretch every muscle group, including exercises using free weights. After learning to execute the exercises properly, you’ll be taught progression, teaching techniques, and cueing

No prior experience is required to attend this workshop, and you’ll come away with sample workouts and a certificate of completion showing that you are a qualified Resist-A-Ball® instructor. This course is recommended as a prerequisite for all other Resist-A-Ball® courses.

Resist-A-Ball® Continuing Education Workshops

Two-Hour Workshops | Includes Workshop Outline
1 STAR Point | 1 Peak Pilates CEC | 1.5 AFAA | .2 ACE | $60

Resist-A-Ball® Boot Camp
These days it seems no fitness center or personal trainer is complete without offering boot camp training. Fitness enthusiasts everywhere are lining up for tough, no-nonsense, total-body workouts that deliver as big on endorphins as they do on results. There’s no better way to get in this game than with Resist-A-Ball® Boot Camp—think power, core strength and a whole lotta sweat. You’ll learn exercises and circuits for private or small-group personal training or group ex classes. You’ll come away with the knowledge and tools to begin your Resist-A-Ball® Boot Camp sessions to challenge everyone from the new recruit to the toughest soldier.

Resist-A-Ball® Hard Core
It’s one of the top fitness goals on everyone’s list: a hard core. Your clients and gym members look to you for the coaching that will get those abs tightened, strengthened and defined. Can you deliver? Whether they’re looking for improved posture, relief from back pain, or simply a better-looking physique, it’s up to you to take them through a workout that really works. This course will show you why the ball challenges the abs and back like no other equipment can. You will learn the most effective trunk exercises with an emphasis on biomechanics and the reasons why these exercises work so effectively. Get ready for some new moves that will truly result in a hard core!

Resist-A-Ball® Peak Athletic Conditioning
Advanced clients demand advanced training. Your dedicated members who have achieved their fitness goals now have higher goals. The sports enthusiasts and weekend warriors who strive for optimal performance will stop at nothing to surpass their personal bests. And surpass them again. For these clients the ultimate goal is peak performance, and you need to be prepared. This workshop will take you through training blocks of progressive exercises designed by Resist-A-Ball creator Mike Morris. Be the fitness pro who takes training to the next level of strength, balance and flexibility for peak athletic conditioning.

Resist-A-Ball® Cardio/Strength
If you’ve always thought ball training was just for strength, think again. Think calorie burning, muscle conditioning routines that give clients and gym members exactly what they seek--a time efficient, heart pumping total body workout that’s so much fun they won’t call it work. This workshop will show you how to combine easy-to-follow, yet challenging cardio moves and strength exercises in intervals, resulting in weight loss as well as toned abs, arms, hips and thighs.

Resist-A-Ball® Creative Choreography
This is the ideal combination of energy, innovation and fun. You’ll learn a simple system that will allow you to mix and match an endless array of combinations into heart pumping, calorie burning, total body workouts. This workshop is loaded with blocks of creative ball choreography and ends with a master class workout that shows you how to put it all together and inspire your members to move!

Resist-A-Ball® Fusion
Strength training, Pilates or yoga? Why choose? Imagine a squat, mermaid and sun salutation all in one fluid workout, and you’ll get a good sense of Resist-A-Ball® Fusion. This is a flowing, rhythmic class that any Resist-A-Ball® instructor can lead, even without extensive yoga or Pilates teacher training. By integrating fundamental core strengthening moves with precise alignment from Pilates and the mind/body engagement from yoga, you get a unique practice that fuses three of the most popular choices in fitness today. Your members will never need to choose again.

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