Frequently Asked Questions

What size Resist-A-Ball® do I need?

That depends on your height and what exercises you intend to do with the ball.
45cm: Recommended for individuals 4'6" to 5'0"
55cm: Recommended for individuals 5'1" to 5'7"
65cm: Recommended for individuals 5'8" to 6'1"
75cm: Recommended for individuals over 6'1"

How do I inflate the ball correctly?

Balls can be inflated with a hand pump, bicycle pump or air compressor. Balls should only be inflated to 80% of their capacity and left unused for 24 hours. This allows material to stretch properly.

What exercises can I do with the ball and how do I know if I am doing them correctly?

To download a PDF basic overview of exercises and other information click here. For other products, such as, manuals and DVDs click here.

How do I become a Resist-A-Ball® instructor?

Resist-A-Ball offers an Instructor Orientation and a variety of continuing education workshops to prepare you to teach fun, exciting classes. These courses are designed for group exercise instructors as well as personal trainers.

What does CEC/CEU mean?

CEC – Continuing Education Credits
CEU – Continuing Education Units

Most certifying organizations require instructors to acquire a certain amount of CEC/CEUs to maintain their certifications.

How much does Resist-A-Ball® education cost?

Instructor Orientation - $275
Continuing Education Workshops - $60

How long are the courses?

Instructor Orientation - 7 hours
Continuing Education Workshops - 2 hours

How many CEUs/CECs will I receive?

Instructor Orientation - 3 STAR Points | 3 Peak Pilates CECs | 6 AFAA | 0.7 ACE
Continuing Education Workshops - 1 STAR Point | 1 Peak Pilates CEC | 1.5 AFAA | 0.2 ACE

What do I wear?

Comfortable workout attire is recommended.

What will I receive after completing the courses?

Each attendee receives a Certificate of Completion.

Is Resist-A-Ball® a certification?

Resist-a-Ball courses are workshops, not certifications. Each course is designed to teach each participant proper technique, cueing and the many of uses of a stability ball.

Can I get a discount on the program if I have a manual or ball already?

Stability balls are provided by the host site and the manuals are always included in the price of the course.

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